Saint Seiya | Ikki/Esmeralda; “Far Away” PG

Far Away

Her voice was soft as she sang, and he was content to listen, eyes closed as he relaxed on the grass. There was a low rumble in the distance, and she stopped, the air silent for a moment before she spoke again.

"I think it’s going to rain."

He opened his eyes, and they sky above him was murky. He sat up, and there was another roll of thunder.

"I think you’re right," he said, looking to her with a twinge of disappointment, "I guess I should take you back."

"It’s not raining just yet," she reasoned, and he could tell she was just as reluctant to leave as he was, "Maybe just a few more minutes."

There was a flash of lightning, and thunder clapped loudly in their ears. He stood up quickly, grabbing her hand and helping her to her feet. “Come on,” he said, tugging on their joined hands. They began to run, but they had barely made it out of the valley before it began to pour. She stumbled, and he caught her awkwardly with one arm before she fell, and she smiled at him apologetically as she straightened. He smiled back before he began to run again, keeping her close to his side.

They were already soaked before they had even made it to the road that lead to the village, and they had to pause to catch their breath. His bangs hung heavily in his eyes, and when he looked to her, hers was flat against her head, her dress was plastered to her skin. He glanced around, remembering an outcropping of rock in the area that might provide them with some kind of reprieve.

"This way," he said, guiding her along, and she followed him without complaint. They found the little shelter, a slab of rock resting against the mountain at an angle, creating a little pocket for them to hide in. He directed her underneath the rock before following her in, looking back out at the storm.

"It doesn’t look like it’s going to let up for a while," he said, and sat down. She turned away a bit, lifting her skirt to wring out some of the water.

"C-Can…Can you…" she spoke up, and he looked at her, but she flushed and looked away. "Nevermind!"

"What?" he gave her a look, confused, "Do you need something?"

She hesitated, before trying again. “L-Look away for a minute, I…I want to get the water out of my dress.”

He blinked, then went red, realizing the implication. “U-Uh, yeah! S…Sure…” he turned his back to her, covering his eyes for added modesty. He heard her dress slip off with a wet sound, and then there was the sound of water dripping out of the fabric as she twisted it. He heard rustling for a moment, and then she spoke up.

"…Okay, it’s…alright now."

He uncovered his eyes, but didn’t turn around just yet, still flustered. She sat down beside him, and finally, he looked over at her. She was playing with her hair, running her fingers through it to loosen knots.

"Are you alright?" she asked him, and he nodded. She looked out at the rain, and he followed her gaze. "Summer storm."

"Yeah," he nodded. She shuffled closer, and he felt her rest her head against his shoulder, her hair still damp and skin cold against his. He put an arm around her and pulled her closer, and she made a noise of surprise. "You’ll get sick if you’re cold," he said awkwardly, too embarrassed to meet her eyes.

She let out a content sigh, and nodded once.


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