Saint Seiya AU | Kid fic “Similarities” G

I completely blame Kas for this entire ridiculous thing. It’s entirely all her fault.



"What?" he looked down at the child clinging to his pant legs, letting him drag her around as he walked.

"How old are you?" Bryjna asked.



Ikki headed for the kitchen, the six year old still in tow.

"Are you married Ikki?" she spoke up again, and he shook his head.

"You know I’m not."

"I’m not married either!" she chirped happily, "We have something in common!"


"Ikki, can you fix my hair?" Jordis pleaded as he walked into the kitchen, holding her hair ties, "Hjalmar messed it up!"

"I don’t do hair kid," Ikki walked past her, going to the cabinet to get a glass, "Look at this one," he said, pointing at the little girl attached to his shin, who’s hair was messily gathered into a lopsided ponytail on the side of her head, "Go as your aunt."

Jordis pouted, but left, going to find Hilda. Ikki went to the fridge and pulled out some juice, pouring himself a glass. After a moment, he felt eyes on him and he glanced down, Bryjna staring at him silently.


"Can I have some?"

Ikki rose a brow, but got a smaller cup, pouring her some juice before handing it to her. She took it with one hand, making sure the other was still wrapped securely around his leg.

"Do you like orange juice Ikki?"

"Sure," he nodded, taking another sip.

"I like it too," she said, "We have a lot in common."

He gave her a look but shrugged. “Sure, okay.”

"Maybe we should get married!"

Ikki suddenly snorted orange juice up his nose, coughing as he tried to clear his nostrils. Bryjna tugged on his pant leg, concerned. “Are you okay?”

"We’re not getting married midget," Ikki said, putting his cup down and wiping his nose with his shirt.


"You’re six."

"I’ll grow up!"

"I’ll be old by then," he reasoned, but Bryjna didn’t give in.

"I only have to be eighteen to get married!"

Ikki stared at her. “Who the hell told you that?”


Ikki made a face, before sighing and rolling his eyes. “We’re not going to get married.”

"But I love you!"

Ikki grumbled, beginning to awkwardly stomp out of the kitchen, Bryjna still holding tight to his leg.

"Hyoga get your kid!"

"Daddy will be fine with it, I promise! We should get married Ikki!"

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