Saint Seiya AU | Mall Rat Saints; “Cold As Ice” PG-13

Cold As Ice

Ikki exhaled loudly, rolling her eyes a bit as she spun back and forth in the revolving chair. Pegasus had her face in one of the make up counter’s mirrors, poking and prodding at her cheeks.

"You know, wishful thinking isn’t going to make you any prettier," Andromeda grumbled as she leaned against the counter, chin resting on her hand. "We’ve been here like, ten minutes."

"I’m trying to figure out if I’m a summer or autumn," Pegasus replied with a huff, picking up one of the tester lipsticks and trying it on, "What do you think?"

"I think whatever strain of the herpes virus the last person who used that stick had is now all over your mouth, dumbass," Dragon wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Guys," Cygnus said as she sprinted towards them, a huge grin on her face, "You will not believe who I just say working the ice cream place."

"Was he cute?" Pegasus asked as she grabbed a blouse from a nearby rack and wiped the lipstick off. Cygnus shook her head.

"It wasn’t a guy. It was the loser duckling," she said excitedly and Dragon and Andromeda laughed.

"She’s working the food court?" Andromeda snickered, "Oh, we have to crash."

"I know right?" Cygnus couldn’t hold back her glee, turning to Ikki, who was playing with a display of nail polishes, "You wanna go now?"

"Of course," Ikki smirked, slipping off the stool and slipping one of the nail polishes into her pocket, "I can always go for ice cream."

They headed to the food court, making a beeline for the ice cream stand. When Hyoga caught sight of them approaching, she made a face and tried to slip into the back.

"What are your specials today?" Pegasus called out before she could reach the door, and she grumbled and turned around.

"Read the board."

"That’s not very good service you know," Dragon sneered, "She’s pretty dumb, maybe she can’t read."


Hyoga grit her teeth, and when she spoke, her voice was tight. “We have a mango and peach sorbet, a kiwi sorbet, and the flavors marked with red flags are all new.”

"Which one is the lemon meringue?" Andromeda asked and Hyoga jerked a finger to a container. "I want to try a sample."

Hyoga got a sampling spoon, scooping up a dollop of ice cream. She reached over the counter to give it to Andromeda, but she refused it.

"No, that has too much of the graham cracker crust. I want more of the actual ice cream. Are you qualified for this job?" she rolled her eyes. Hyoga’s jaw clenched.

"Sorry," she said, and got a different sample, holding it out again.

"That doesn’t have any crust now," Cygnus pointed out, "How can she tell if she likes it if you don’t have everything on it?"

Hyoga irritably went in for another sampling, once again offering the spoon to Andromeda.

"Oh, I don’t want lemon meringue, I want to try the espresso," she shrugged. Hyoga glared. "Well? Hurry up, otherwise I might change my mind."

"I think I should talk to your manager," Ikki spoke up, "You’re making this all very unpleasant. I definitely don’t want to come back."

"Yeah, me neither," Pegasus taunted. Hyoga made a face and thew the spoon into the trash, before getting another one and taking out a sample of the espresso and holding it out. Andromeda took it, and Dragon spoke up.

"I want a sample of all of the sorbet."

"I want a sample of the caramel, the blueberry, and the chocolate," Cygnus listed.

"Are you kidding me," Hyoga narrowed her eyes, and the other girls merely smirked.

"Hurry up, little duck."

Hyoga glared, and furiously began to dish out the samples.

"I don’t want the raspberry," Dragon spoke up, and Hyoga tossed the spoon into the trash with a grumble under her breath.

"I want to try the Rocky Road, but I don’t want any marshmallow in it," Pegasus interjected, and Andromeda laughed at the look Hyoga gave her.

"What do you want?" Hyoga asked after dishing out the samples, and the girls glanced at each other.

"I’m feeling like getting a burger," Ikki shrugged, turning away. Hyoga let out a rude noise.


"Same," Dragon agreed, "The service is awful."

They laughed, following Ikki away from the ice cream counter.


"Oh, that won’t be nice in the suggestion box!" Cygnus smirked over her shoulder, "You’re manager isn’t going to be happy to hear that!"

"I bet we can get a coupon out of that," Ikki commented, "We can come back tomorrow to use it," she added with a laugh, and others echoed it.

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