Why we should write KHR! Mugie: Puberty did wonders for Shou
Mugie: But mostly. Shou's balls dropped and he turned into a hipster.
Mugie: And by turned into, I mean his recluse lifestyle at age 10 that was considered "nerd" then he got hot when he was 24 and was considered hipster
Nuri: Essentially.
Mugie: It isn't lacking social skills and having pressing social anxiety that causes him to lock himself in his office listening to Sonic Youth while he jerks off to his own self loating. It's just he's so fucking alt.
Nuri: HA
Nuri: That's what he tells himself.
Nuri: As Byakuran's Uggs sit at the end of his bed.
Mugie: They don't leave. Byakuran is going to need them when he's done effing the ess out of Shou
Mugie: His feet get cold.
Mugie: You know, sine he doesn't have pigment
Nuri: Pasty ass albino Shou-fucker